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Kosher Shopping At Shaul’s Kosher Market

31 Jul

Shaul’s Kosher Market was opened twenty years ago by Shaul Rafael to meet the needs of the Jewish and Israeli communities. The Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington has certified Shaul’s Kosher Market as Kosher, meaning that they follow Kashrut. Kashrut deals with the Jewish law of what foods can and can’t be eaten, and how they are prepared and eaten, and which foods must be separated. The basis of these rules can be found in the book of Leviticus in the bible. The USDA exempts Kosher butchers and slaughterhouses from many of its regulations because they are so sanitary, because of the laws of Kosher. It is much safer than a lot of American foods. There are many rules when eating Kosher foods so it is much easier to just shop at Shaul’s where all the foods are known to be Kosher. These foods are prepared according to the families’ customs and traditions.

Shaul’s Kosher Market also offers catering, platters, salads and takeout. So when you get hungry and you are in the Greater Washington DC area stop by or call so you can be enjoying one of the many platters or take out such as homemade schnitzel, meatloaf, homemade sweet and sour meatballs, or homemade Gefilte fish. If you are looking for that special recipe item or an item made in a certified shop come visit us.

If you have never tried Kosher and would like to try out a recipe just visit Shaul’s Kosher Market. They will help you find the right Kosher items. They always welcome returning customers and friendly new faces to their store.

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The Best Israeli Cuisine

8 May

Israeli cuisine was created by Jewish immigrants from all over the world. It is comprised of many different dishes from local communities, and dates back thousands of years. Israeli cuisine has continued to change over the course of many years, and now includes foods that were traditionally thought of as Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Arabic.

The base of Israeli cuisine is still centered around wheat, barley, olives, figs, pomegranates, dates, and grapes. These foods, along with breads, meats, cheeses, beans and vegetables, combine to make up the Israeli cuisine we know today. These foods are prepared in a variety of ways, based on the custom and religion of each family. Because of this, Israeli cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines known today.

Jewish dietary laws require that kosher food rules be followed. While not all people that enjoy Israeli cuisine adhere to these rules, many do. Many of the allowed kosher foods, as well as the rules for consuming them can be found in the bible, in the book of Leviticus.

In order to prepare true Israeli meals at home, you will need to find a market that provides everything you need. This will prevent you from wasting time and money searching all over town for the ingredients you need. A diverse cuisine encompasses many food choices, and finding a one stop market in your area will provide you with easy access to these choices.

Finding authentic Israeli cuisine is not always easy. Those seeking out Israeli cuisine in the Washington, DC area should visit Shaul’s Kosher Market. This market carries a large variety of items, including many that are hard to find elsewhere. Shaul’s is located at 1319 Lamberton Dr. Wheaton, MD 20902. You can contact them by phone: (301) 593-1800, or by fax: (301) 754-2461.

Kosher – A Definition

1 May

Here at Shaul’s we think it’s important to have a clear idea of what exactly Kosher is, especially if you are considering keeping Kosher  for the first time. Here it is:

Kosher foods are those that conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law framework, kosher meaning fit or allowed to be eaten. A list of some Kosher foods are found in the book of Leviticus. There are also certain Kosher rules found there. Reasons for food being non-kosher include the presence of ingredients derived from non-kosher animals or from kosher animals that were not properly slaughtered, a mixture of meat and milk, wine or grape juice (or their derivatives) produced without supervision, the use of produce from Israel that has not been tithed, or the use of non-kosher cooking utensils and machinery.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to do our best to answer for you. If you need a great place to pick up Kosher food in the Washington DC metro area, you won’t find a better place (in our humble opinion) than Shaul’s Kosher Market located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Stop by today!

The Best Present For Your Wife This Passover – Our 2011 Passover Menu

17 Mar

All over the world, families have begun cooking for Passover 2011. It’s a wonderful time of year, as Purim and Passover are two beautiful Jewish holidays.

With each holiday, we know, time in the kitchen is a must. How else would all the food be prepared? Well, allow us to supply you with a time-saving & delicious way to have the feast of king and queens this Passover holiday!

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Orders must be in by April 15th.

We Cater To Your Needs When We Cater Your Functions!

9 Mar

Here at Shaul’s Kosher, we cater to your needs!

Whether it’s a Bar mitzvah, bris, wedding, engagement, hazkarot, or any function – make it Shaul’s Kosher Market! You can assemble your own catering menu! Just mix and match any combination from any category.

Shaul’s Kosher Market knows that food can make or break an occasion. Our catering service is designed to make it easy for you to build an entire, memorable menu that is to your liking and budget. We offer a large selection of items for each course of the meal, and will add any of the Homemade Special salads as requested. What you get is not just quality food, but it is all certified kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. We cater for events as small as 15 and can accommodate up to 500 guests.

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What are the benefits of Kosher food?

7 Mar

Jewish dietary laws allow Jews to consume kosher food and kosher meat items that are clean and proper, in accordance to the Kashrut laws. The preparation of kosher should also be done according to the dietary laws stated in Torah. Now, more and more people prefer kosher products, owing to their benefits like…

●      Insistence on quality

Kosher supermarkets around the world sell glatt kosher or kosher food  like chicken, beef, Kosher fish, turkey and other kosher products that are known to be high quality products. Kosher food items are considered to be perfect substitutes for organic food items. The first rate quality of kosher products are attributed to the stringent quality measures adhered to by the kosher certification agencies.

●      Safety from allergies

Kosher products find its way to the shopping cart of people, irrespective of their religious inclinations since, they are considered to be ideal for the ones with shellfish, soy and gluten allergies. Vegetarians can also buy kosher products that are devoid of meat and dairy products.

●      Assurance of health

The processes that are included in the preparation of food to make them kosher like salting-rinsing procedures reduce contamination of meat by microorganism, according to scientific researches. Similarly, the kosher butcher laws insist on slaughtering animals in a clean manner without scaring them at the time of death, which can result in the release of toxic hormones. By following the butchering laws, the animals do not release harmful toxins, which makes the kosher food and meat healthy for human consumption.

The Jewish Passover food tradition

28 Feb

Passover is a grand Jewish festival that is celebrated over seven to eight days where a host of rich traditional foods are cooked. Families celebrate the ritual of serving the Sedar family meal on the initial two nights of the festivities. Some of the traditional Passover food is Matzoh, Maror, Beitzah and Charoses. There is the ritual of placing three unleavened matzohs within a napkin that is said to represent the hurriedness with which Israelites left Egypt. The Seder service generally serves two matzohs. Maror is a traditional dish that is generally composed of herbs.  It is a bitter dish that contains horseradish or romaine lettuce. The bitterness of the dish is said to symbolize the harshness of slavery.

Charoses is a traditional Passover food that contains ingredients like apples, nuts, cinnamon and wine. Charoses is prepared as a paste that imitates the brick and mortar made by the toiling Jews for the Pharaoh. Beitzah is a roasted egg fish that represents life in all its beauty and the spirit of survival. A Passover vegetable dish is the Karpas and is generally made of parsley or celery. This vegetable dish is generally served with salted water in a basin. The dish Karpas signifies hope and salvation. Wine and Zeroah are some of the other traditional foods. Zeroah is a portion of roasted lamb shankbone. Four glasses of wine are consumed as a four-fold assurance of salvation. Some of popular soups served during the Passover festival are chicken soup and cream of carrots soup.

Stop in at  Shaul’s Kosher Market in Silver Spring MD for all of your Pesach Food needs!