Kosher Shopping At Shaul’s Kosher Market

31 Jul

Shaul’s Kosher Market was opened twenty years ago by Shaul Rafael to meet the needs of the Jewish and Israeli communities. The Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington has certified Shaul’s Kosher Market as Kosher, meaning that they follow Kashrut. Kashrut deals with the Jewish law of what foods can and can’t be eaten, and how they are prepared and eaten, and which foods must be separated. The basis of these rules can be found in the book of Leviticus in the bible. The USDA exempts Kosher butchers and slaughterhouses from many of its regulations because they are so sanitary, because of the laws of Kosher. It is much safer than a lot of American foods. There are many rules when eating Kosher foods so it is much easier to just shop at Shaul’s where all the foods are known to be Kosher. These foods are prepared according to the families’ customs and traditions.

Shaul’s Kosher Market also offers catering, platters, salads and takeout. So when you get hungry and you are in the Greater Washington DC area stop by or call so you can be enjoying one of the many platters or take out such as homemade schnitzel, meatloaf, homemade sweet and sour meatballs, or homemade Gefilte fish. If you are looking for that special recipe item or an item made in a certified shop come visit us.

If you have never tried Kosher and would like to try out a recipe just visit Shaul’s Kosher Market. They will help you find the right Kosher items. They always welcome returning customers and friendly new faces to their store.

Click her for location and contact info!


One Response to “Kosher Shopping At Shaul’s Kosher Market”

  1. lovetotrain July 31, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    mmmm that challah looks YUM

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