High Life & Kosher Food in Washington DC

23 Jun

Keeping kosher in Washington DC may not be as hard as you think. I found the perfect place to shop. Shaul’s Kosher Market is located at 1319 Lamberton, Dr., MD 20902. Phone 301-593-1800. They are open at 7:30 AM each day and close at 6:00 PM Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. They close at 7:00 PM Wednesday, 9:00 PM on Thursday, and 3:00 PM on Friday. Saturday they are closed. Shaul’s has been serving the community for twenty years.

Shaul’s Market is the only store needed to fulfill your kosher needs. The shelves are filled with authentic Israeli products. The frozen section is filled with name brands like Sabra, Angel, Golan, and Tivo. The shelves in the dairy section contain the familiar brands we all know and miss. The Prigat section services your juice needs year around with a variety of flavors. Shopping at Shaul’s is an enjoyable experience. Their isles are wide, well lighted, and clean. All merchandise is marked, in sight, and easy to reach. Discovering a forgotten item of home is quite exciting and brings back a touch of home.

Shaul’s Market will take the work out of that special occasion. Their catering section will prepare a home cooked meal just like the one you would serve. You can select from dishes of beef, poultry, fish, hot vegetables, starch, desserts, and kosher salads . Mouth watering quality food platters of dairy, or for a Kiddush, Israeli meats, and Middle East meats are assembled with delightful presentation for a feast. Each platter has six to ten items. The take out section provides meals for Friday night and Shabbat. Twenty two item are prepared and ready for your table. Call or come in and pick the items for your meal. Oh, and of course, The wine selection is great 😉

Shabbat Shalom.


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