How supermarket coupons/deals help alleviate people’s bills

31 Jan

Supermarket coupons come as a blessing in disguise, in present times when the prices of grocery items or food items are climbing constantly and the cost of living is high. Many supermarkets provide coupons in handbills, print advertisement and even while shopping at their store for a specific amount. Even a kosher supermarket like Shaul’s kosher market allows you to shop using supermarket coupons for certified kosher food, meat and other products meant specifically for Jewish community in its stores in Silver Spring, MD and Washington, DC among other places to alleviate your bills. Here are some prominent tips on using them,


  • Organize coupons

Collect the coupons provided to your, when you shop and organize them under different categories of food products, so that you can buy food items mentioned in the coupons, particularly. Note the expiry dates of the coupons and classify them, accordingly.


  • Get more

If the coupons are published in newspapers by a supermarket for certain products, contact the newspaper or magazine agent in your area and get more unsold papers or magazines and gather more such coupons. Today, you can even find coupons online from the websites of supermarkets.


  • Stay alert

Pay attention to notifications regarding the instances when you can use the supermarket coupons, for purchasing a specific occasion like a special sale during festival times and year end sale organized by the supermarket. Some supermarkets announced double or triple coupon days that can be extremely lucrative for the shoppers who can buy their favorite items for a bargain.



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